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Shocking Social Media Statistics For 2013

Comparing social media statistics for 2013 to last year is nothing short of amazing. It completely solidifies the monstrous position social media has in our society andbuy 500 instagram followers the potential it offers to businesses that are leveraging it appropriately. Social media growth has been non-stop for the past few years and is almost at the point where it is impossible to imagine the Internet without it. To help prove this point, I crawled the web to find the latest and most impressive social media statistics for 2013 and compiled them into one easy to read graphic and article for you here. Feel free to share the infographic below and be sure to scroll beneath it for ready-to-tweet stats you can use.

social media

The Awesome Growth Of Social Media

We are living in the digital era and social media is undoubtedly integrated to our daily life, so much so that, seeing this trend from a funny perspective, one can say thatbuy active instagram followers people check their personals profiles and share content on Facebook and Twitter before they brush their teeth and have a shower in the morning. Last year, the use of social media reached 1 billion users worldwide and so far 2013 indicates that the growth is no where close to slowing down. Facebook is still the most popular on line place for users to get connected worldwide and Twitter, according to the study conducted by Global web Index, is still the fastest growing social network by active users. Summarizing the study, the following interesting social media facts, statistics and figures for this year have arisen.

Social Media Facts

Despite being a work in progress, social media has certainly come a long way in the past 5 years. In the early days of social media, it was viewed as a fad that was all the rage among teenagers. buy 1000 instagram followers Today, teenagers are interacting with their grandparents via social media. Quite an interesting shift in how social media networks are now being perceived by the public. With essentially everyone signing up to some sort of social media network, it only makes sense that you know as much as possible about social media. How else can your business thrive online without knowing some stats and data? So, just in case you need a little help in managing your social media presence, here are 25 insane facts about social media.

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